14k white topaz rose gold earrings
Cushion cut Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Earrings
14k white gold geometric earrings studded with diamonds

No project is too big or too small for Sami to handle. When Sami works on a new piece, he brings all of his skills to the table. First, it begins with an idea. He takes his client’s desires and passions and runs with it by sketching a mockup of the final product. Drawing has been a talent of Sami’s for as long as he can remember and it gives his customers the chance for a firsthand look into his scope of work. Drop Sami a note to see how he can bring your idea to life.

You don't go to Bendi to just buy a piece of jewelry,
you go to Sami to find something truly unique and special.



Some people view jewelry as just an accessory. For Sami Nakishbendi of Bendi Jewelers, each of his handcrafted pieces tells a story. From rings to necklaces to earrings, his work embodies those sentimental moments of life into physical pieces of art.


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