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Behind Bendi: Sami on Transforming Vintage Pieces into Handcrafted Custom Designs

Bendi Jewelers brings you every design imaginable. A delightful array of necklaces, earrings, and rings are on display. Whether you are about to propose or are seeking the perfect birthday present, Bendi will not fail to give you what you need.

But what if you’ve already figured out the perfect design, but can’t seem to find what you want in any store out there? Or what if you want to keep your family heirlooms, but also want to turn them into stylish and original pieces you can actually wear?

Sami is the craftsman who turns history and tradition into modern art pieces that suit your current aesthetic. For Sami, jewelry is a medium that carries stories throughout lineages. Turn your heirlooms into your dream art piece with Sami.

How it Works:

Custom orders are 100% handmade from your old jewelry pieces. Bring at least five or six pieces of jewelry you do not use and Sami will turn them into an up-to-date design that fits your current lifestyle.

One thing that you’d love about Sami is that he listens to your words and pays attention to your style! Every custom design Sami creates is extremely specific to the needs and desires of his clients. From your initial meeting, Sami will create a mockup design for your approval.

With a background in sciences and dentistry, sketching intricate designs is no foreign process to Sami. Sami captures stories in the details. His mockup design gives you a firsthand glance at what your old pieces can become. It is the shape and the shadow of the dream piece that contains your sentiments and history.

Knowing full well the prominence that a piece of jewelry carries, Sami keeps an eye out for fresh ideas. Fashion, architecture, the environment, anything under the sun—whether he’s walking or driving, Sami is always on the lookout for transformative designs.

Share your custom requests to Sami here and watch out for the latest promotions and events by joining Bendi Jewelers’ mailing list.

“The most critical component is to listen to the client. Ultimately, their feedback is most beneficial and useful in which direction to go,” Sami says.

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